Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB

Fr Wansbrough guides the reader through each of the Sunday gospels during Year B, from Advent December 2017 to the end of the liturgical year in November 2018. Each gospel passage is accompanied by a succinct commentary on the story and the place of God’s love in Christ’s ministry and in our own lives – as his disciples.

2017    120 pages    R67.50



THROUGH ANOTHER LENS: Reflections on the Gospel of Mark  Year B

Barbara Jean Franklin, ASC

Poetry has both literal and abstract aspects. It has the power to shed new light on old experiences. Through poetry you can enter a prayerful space, a space that renews and empowers.

This book analyses and reflects on the Sunday Gospels through spiritual poetry. Barbara Franklin challenges us to enter each Gospel passage in a new way that will lead us to a deeper, richer communion with God and empowers each of us to apply Jesus' teachings to daily life.
2011    144 pages    R145.00




Flor McCarthy

Since it first appeared, Flor McCarthy has listened closely to the comments and advice of priests who used this book. As a result, this new revision of New Sunday & Holy Day Liturgies contains a lot of new material, including new homilies. There are two additional major improvements.

The first of these is a better Scripture Note focussed on ensuring that they convey the essence of the readings. Flor McCarthy states: ‘Unless we understand the message of the Scriptures, we really have no right to be preaching.’

The second improvement concerns parts of the Mass such as the Introduction, the Confiteor, the Prayer of the Faithful, which are now more closely related to the particular feast (or Sunday) that is being celebrated. The aim is to capture the ‘flavour’ of that feast and to convey something of its meaning and spirit. They contain a good mix of comfort, inspiration, and challenge.

2015 (last reprint)    397 pages    R385.00


Flor McCarthy

Flor McCarthy is building on the observation of Danish writer Karen Blixen that a storyteller has the capacity to create for people, hard-working in real life, another sort of reality which in some way or another can satisfy them.

2016    110 pages     R189.50



TheRoleOfTheCoordinatorInChristianInitiationTHE ROLE OF THE COORDINATOR IN CHRISTIAN INITIATION: A Paroral and Practical Guide

Donna M. Eschenauer

Provides Christian initiation coordinators both with the vision of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and practical aspects that are part of the process. Initiation coordinators will gain an appreciation for their role of animators of both the parish and the team in forming disciples.

They also will become acquainted with practical aspects such as record keeping, interview forms, discernment, and the need to early on ascertain marriage issues and the possible need for an annulment.

2017    112 pages    R155.00


Living Liturgy
Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnity 2018
Brian Schmisek, Diana Macalintal, and Jay Cormier

Living Liturgy

2017    320 pages   R295.00

Liturgical Books

The Daily Missal

2000 pages    R695.00


The Sunday Missal
928 pages     R455.00

The Prayer of the Church

cover1728 pages     R650.00

The Liturgy of the Hours
liturgy vol 1 4

4 Volumes     R2995.00

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