AnglicansAndCatholicsInDialogueOnThePapacyANGLICANS AND CATHOLICS IN DIALOGUE ON THE PAPACY: A Gift for All Christians

Russel T. Murray, OFM

Section I: "Papal Primacy at the Councils and Beyond" examines the teachings of Vatican Councils I and II in the light of contemporary scholarship. Section II: "Papal Primacy Through the Eyes of ARCIC," examines ARCIC's vision in the light of how it developed through ARCIC's agreed statements. III: "Anglicans and Catholics in Dialogue on the Papacy" responds to ARCIC's questions in the light of the areas for further development.

The book concludes by arguing that the only way for the Catholic Church to reform and renew the papacy as an instrument for Christian unity is through ecumenical dialogue

2017    333 pages    R620.00


TraditionAndChurchReformTRADITION AND CHURCH REFORM: Perspectives on Catholic Moral Teaching

Charles E. Curran

In essays reflecting the broad themes that have characterized his career, Charles Curran examines developments in Catholic social thought, sexual morality, and the question of reform and renewal in the church.

His overview of Catholic Social Teaching includes a personal response to the challenge of “white privilege,” and a fascinating treatment of human rights— “an excellent example of discontinuity and even error in the Catholic tradition” as the church has moved from hostility to enthusiastic support for human rights.

In Part II, he considers the bioethical and sexual traditions in Catholic moral theology, while in Part III he addresses the reforms of Vatican II and their ongoing meaning for the church. While noting that the struggle for reform will always be part of the church’s life, he concludes with a hopeful appraisal of Pope Francis and signs of renewal—especially in the field of moral teaching.

2016    304 pages    R475.00

AnUnfinishedCouncilAN UNFINISHED COUNCIL: Vatican II, Pope Francis, and the Renewal of Catholicism

Richard R. Gaillardetz

The Second Vatican Council has become an indispensable reference point for understanding Roman Catholicism today. Yet in spite of its impact, Vatican II was in many ways an unfinished council.

The council bishops were able to establish key pillars in the construction of a new vision for the church of our time, but, for various reasons, they were not able to draw those pillars together into a coherent unified structure.

This volume describes both the council's building project itself and the challenges facing the church today if we are to complete the project begun fifty years ago.    

2015   190 pages    R365.00


TheBreathOfTheChurchTHE BREATH OF THE CHURCH: The Sensus Fidelium and Canon Law

Anthony Ekpo

A worthy addition to the ever-expanding literature on the "sense of the faithful". Fr. Ekpo joins the growing number of theologians who have begun to examine the topic from the point of view of how the "sense of the faithful"is related to the Canon Law of the Church, and specifically, how it can better be integrated into the Code of Canon Law.

Ekpo's positioning the "sense of the faithful"in terms of the various agents and institutions of the Church is a welcome contribution to contemporary ecclesiology.

2014    272 pages    R349.50





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