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Relaxing and Finding God’s Love

Pauline Bookshop

Come out of ourselves to become Christ



Pastoral Ministry



Inspiring Words from Pope Francis

Editor: Alicia von Stamwitz

"In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis shows how we need to listen, observe and engage everything that makes up our common home, not only with the intelligence of the market, profit, and gains; but also with the intelligence of the heart, solidarity, compassion, and care, especially towards the weak and poor.” —Cardinal Peter K.A.

2016     192 pages    R335.00   



A Living Mosaic

Author: William E. Simon, Jr.

Looks at Simon’s insights and the success stories of 244 vibrant parishes to show what makes them great. 

2016    224 pages    R295


Stories of Conversion and Witness

Editor: Steve Dawson

Begins with the inspiring story of Steve Dawson—his conversion to Catholicism as a young man and his founding of St. Paul Street Evangelization, an international apostolate that has grown to hundreds of teams in seven countries in just a few years.

Also included are other moving stories of conversion and witness. The authors are ordinary Catholics who have come to love Christ so much that they now talk about Him with total strangers in public places—street corners, parks, and shopping areas. They aren't theologians, yet their simple missionary efforts have yielded amazing results.

2016    184 pages    R285.00



Conversations with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious

Author: Annmarie Sanders, IHM

In this volume of interviews, eighteen theologians, psychologists, educators, and religious leaders from various fields and disciplines share their wisdom about a way of leadership able to meet the deep challenges of today’s world.

Transformational Leadership offers the opportunity to learn from people such as Walter Brueggemann, Judy Cannato, Joan Chittister, OSB, Constance FitzGerald, OCD, Donald Goergen, OP, Marty Linsky, and Margaret Wheatley.

2015    224 pages    R315.00


Management Skills for Parish Leadership

Editor: Paul A. Holmes

A Pastor's Toolbox is designed to help fill that void. It is loaded with valuable information, insights, and practical tools that pastors need in order to begin handling the complexities of parish management in the twenty-first century.

2014    190 pages    R345.00