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A Guide to Changing the World

Author: Brandon Vogt

With the help of fourteen saints, it's time we reclaim Catholic social teaching and rediscover it through the lives of those who best lived it out. Follow in the saints' footsteps, learn from their example, and become the spark of authentic social justice that sets the world on fire.

2014    160 pages    R179.50


Author:  Nicholas King

Nicholas King looks at what the Bible tells us about the exercise of authority. The message is that human beings, with the exception of Jesus, always get it wrong, unless they are prepared to ‘lead by listening’ or exercise authority as an act of loving service. For the only absolute authority is God.

Why speak of ‘the helplessness of God’? Because God is voluntarily dependent on our response, helpless until we make our decision, and will not force us to choose our own good. God’s love is never tyrannical, always utterly respectful of human freedom. That must be the way ahead for authority in the Church.

2014    205 pages    R320.00

AT THE LIMITS OF THE SECULAR:  Reflections on Faith and Public Life

Author: William A Barbieri

Presents a collection of essays by Catholic scholars addressing the new challenges facing religious believers under shifting conditions of secularity and "post-secularity." Using an innovative "keywords" approach, this book is an interdisciplinary effort to think through the implications of secular consciousness for the role of religion in public affairs.

The book features an original essay by David Tracy - the most prominent American Catholic theologian writing today - and ground breaking contributions by influential younger theologians such as Peter Casarella, William Cavanaugh, and Vincent Miller.

2014    384 pages    R475.00


Author: Mike Aquilina

The women and their roles, especially in a pagan society that viewed them as little more than property. The variety of women here is striking: poor widows, Consecrated virgins, heroic martyrs, but also businesswomen, the wealthy, and an indomitable traveller on a world tour. Explore the impact of each of these women on the Church, then and now.
Their writings will inspire you. Their witness will empower you.

2014    160 pages    R185.00


Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics

Author: Stephen J. Binz

Examines how Catholics are recovering the missionary dimension of their faith, how evangelization is at the heart of sacred Scripture, and how the Church and the world can be renewed through Scripture.
Binz was inspired by Pope Saint John Paul II, as well as by Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict, and in the book, he shows the connection between their collective call for a New Evangelization and learning Scripture as the powerful basis for succeeding in this outreach.

2014    190 pages    R195.00