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Relaxing and Finding God’s Love

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Come out of ourselves to become Christ



Pastoral Ministry


Ten Steps for Getting Started

Authors: Michael White & Tom Corcoran

White and Corcoran lead you and your leadership team through assessment and goal-setting exercises and provide meeting templates that include prayer, scripture reflection, storytelling, and “rally cries” that become reminders of the change the team is striving toward.

2016    96 pages    R155.00



A Historical and Pastoral Approach

Author: Paul Bernier

This comprehensive overview of the development of Christian ministry is revised to address historical developments and new questions in ministry in recent decades.

Bernier’s approach takes as its inspiration the notion that ministry is “the service God requires of all the baptized,” not just the task of ordained ministers or church employees.

An ideal textbook for students of ministry or ecclesiology, this book illustrates the fluidity and form of Christian ministry, and its place both in and outside the institutional Church. It is also a valuable resource for adult education as well as for pastoral ministers seeking to broaden their understanding of their roles.

2015    336 pages    R675.00


Rediscovering Grace All Around Us

Author: Stephen Paul Bouman

Stephen Bouman explores how congregations may best respond to the many public crises that confront us today—mass shootings, terrorist attacks, hurricanes, flood, wildfires, tornadoes, even the debilitating effects of chronic and deep-rooted problems like racism and community violence.

He describes in practical detail the ways congregations can create spaces to lament, develop living liturgies, build public mission tables, and engage with others in discovering the transformative power of grace all around us.

2016    148 pages    R310.00



Where He Wants to Take the Church

Author: Victor Manuel Fernandez

In this conversation with Paolo Rodari, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández, the theologian closest to Pope Francis, addresses in every detail the crucial aspects of this pontificate: the relationship between divine mercy and the emphasis on ethical requirements, the necessity of a church "outside" and in a permanent state of mission, the ecclesiastical resistance in relation to the originality of Francis's proposal, the strong sense of the "people" inherent in the mentality of this pope.

2016    110 pages    R279.50