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Relaxing and Finding God’s Love

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Come out of ourselves to become Christ



Pastoral Ministry


Communion with the Servant Mysteries of Christ

Author: James Keating

Through the three areas of Calling, Formation and Ordination and Ministry, this book explores the creative tension of the diaconate vocation and what the diaconate for the future will look like. It outlines what those who are considering the diaconate must possess if it is truly going to be an effective and vibrant ministry within the church.

With a focus on availability to both prayer and ministry, the future of the diaconate must be both mystical and youthful and address one important question: Where has the gospel yet to reach in my diocese?

2015    80 pages    R199.50


A Shared Spiritual Journey

Lutherans and Catholics Travel Toward Unity

Authors: Susan K Wood and Timothy J Wengert

The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a watershed event in the lives of Western Christians. For Lutherans, the anniversary evokes their determination to proclaim the gospel with purity and their efforts to live a reformed ecclesial life even if this eventually led to a break with the Roman Church of Luther's time. Viewed in this light, 2017 is a celebration of the gospel message of God's free gift of justification in Christ and its reception in faith. Catholics perhaps experience the commemoration of 2017 more painfully as a break in communion, as a schism in the church.

This account of differing perspectives on the anniversary of the Reformation fails to account, however, for the past fifty years of patient, intense, and collegial dialogue between Lutherans and Catholics and the deep friendships forged between them in the process. The commemoration of the Reformation can occur for the first time within an ecumenical context that reflects the progress towards reconciled unity that has been achieved through these many years of dialogue.

2016    254 pages    R545.00


Author: Nicholas King

The first chapter of Nicholas King’s book considers the scandal of Christian disunion, and in particular the mystery whereby perfectly good people seem content to live with the scandal. Then he looks at each of the 27 documents that constitute the New Testament and demonstrates that the writers were well aware of the possibility of divisions in the Church and that they had a way of coping with the divisions, by keeping their eyes on God and on Jesus.

The final part of the book considers one particular issue that divides Christians of the Roman Catholic Church from other Christians, namely the role given to Mary the mother of Jesus, and in particular to the two teachings about her Immaculate Conception and her Assumption, and whether the Catholic position represents an unbridgeable gap for Christians from other traditions.

2017    174 pages    R375.00


Toward a Lifetime of Christian Leadership

Author: Samuel D. Rahberg

Samuel Rahberg draws on insights from the monastic tradition, the ministry of spiritual direction, and the practice of Christian leadership to support and empower women and men for continued ministries in the church, helping them turn from merely enduring to lasting Christian leadership.

2017    144 pages    R295.00