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Relaxing and Finding God’s Love

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Come out of ourselves to become Christ

Pastoral ministry


The Church's Engagement with a Wounded World

Author: William T. Cavanaugh

Pope Francis in a 2013 interview likened the church to a field hospital. In this book the author adopts Pope Francis's metaphor to show how the church can help heal both the spiritual and the material wounds of the world.

As he examines the intersection of theology with themes of religious freedom, economic injustice, religious violence, and other pressing topics, he emphasizes that the church cannot condemn the evils of the world from a position of superiority. Rather its practices of solidarity with humanity must be based on a recognition that the church shares in the guilt of human sin.

2016    276 pages    R449.50


52 Ways to Get Mission and Mercy in Motion

Author: Joe Paprocki

Brings to the parish level the great themes of Pope Francis’ papacy—mission, mercy, and evangelization—and replaces despair with a profound hope for the future of the Catholic Church.

2016   176 Pages    R285.00


Author: Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga

A truly Christian perspective on global economic inequality from a prominent Cardinal and close ally of Pope Francis

In this treatise, author Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga offers a clear analysis of the expansion of economic inequality and its root causes, followed by a review of suggested solutions, and a hopeful outlook based on new model of economic and human growth.

2016    100 pages    R235.00


Reflections from Pope Francis on Walking with Christ

Author: Pope Francis

Covering a broad range of themes—Christ’s Resurrection, mercy, wealth and poverty, the Christian family, and more—The Joy of Discipleship moves us to meditate on Christ and then inspires us to move out from our own four walls, jubilantly proclaiming God’s transforming love in word and deed.

2016    154 pages    R295.00


Conversations with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious

Author: Annmarie Sanders, IHM

In this volume of interviews, eighteen theologians, psychologists, educators, and religious leaders from various fields and disciplines share their wisdom about a way of leadership able to meet the deep challenges of today’s world.

Transformational Leadership offers the opportunity to learn from notables such as Walter Brueggemann, Judy Cannato, Joan Chittister, OSB, Constance FitzGerald, OCD, Donald Goergen, OP, Marty Linsky, and Margaret Wheatley.

2015    224 pages    R315.00