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Relaxing and Finding God’s Love

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Come out of ourselves to become Christ



Pastoral Ministry


Their Ministry as Successors to Peter

Author: Card. Gerhard Ludwig Muller

Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have each approached the papacy in strikingly different ways, yet they share the same fundamental vision of the world and man.

In these pages, Cardinal Muller explores the differences and commonalities of these two popes, showing how the challenge for the Church’s hierarchy remains the same, and how these two popes are leading the Church to resist worldly infections and to heal the spiritual diseases of our time.

2017    128 pages    R215.00


The Story of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Author: Alan Schreck

Theologian Dr. Schreck writes a historical appreciation of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Tracing the origins of the Renewal, Schreck outlines its characteristics, how it spread, what is meant by the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the charisms that are associated with it, and the communities that grew out of it.

This book is for those who were involved in the Renewal and for those who want to know how the Spirit has moved so mightily in our own time.
2017     R249.50


Author: John Neafsey

Drawing both on the stories of exemplary individuals as well as his own experiences in parenting, work, and care for aging parents, Neafsey outlines how our fundamental human vocation—a call to justice, love, and humility—is realized in all the stages of life.

2016    160 pages     R310.00


Planting Seeds for Action

Author:  Erin Lothes Biviano

Asks (and answers) an important question: How do we encourage and empower activists and scholars to work for environmental sustainability?

Lothes Biviano combines empirically-based focus group data with interdisciplinary research and theological interpretation to offer a unique analysis of what encourages and what discourages sustainable decision making, including the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional conflicts inherent in confronting climate change.

A must-read for anyone searching for the spark that drives spiritual Americans to feel the environmental crisis as a sacred loss, and who are re-imagining their faith and life through environmental advocacy.

2016    288 pages    R495.00