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InGodsHandsIn God’s Hands: Living through Illness with Faith

Maureen A. Cummings

2018    120 pages    R269.50

The author, a cancer survivor and mother of six, guides patients and their families through the life-changing experience of serious illness. Sharing practical ideas from her own story, Maureen shows you: You can pray even when you’re afraid; You can be grateful even when things seem darkest; ...


AndGodCreatedHolenessAnd God Created Wholeness: A Spirituality of Catholicity

Edwin E. Olson

2018    256 pages    R475.00

Is there a dynamic principle moving all things toward spiritual wholeness? A response to this “question,” this book will resonate with readers who put primacy in the material basis of science as well as religious readers for whom the essence of reality is Spirit. ...


IntoHisLikenessInto His Likeness: Be Transformed as a Disciple of Christ

Edward Sri

2018    150 pages    R259.50

Provides an in-depth exploration of how to live as a disciple and experience the transformation Jesus wants to work in our lives. We might desire to live more like Christ, but we know we fall short. This book helps us follow those initial promptings of the Holy Spirit, ...

PrayerListThe Prayer List: And Other True Stories of How Families Pray

Jane Knuth

2018    172 pages    R225.00

Shares the true stories of how families from many faith traditions—Christian, non-Christian, or no defined faith—pray together in meaningful ways. With prompts to inspire your own family’s prayer ...


MeetGodInHisWordMeet God in His Word

Michael Chalmers

2018    196 pages    R145.00

Offers insights that will deepen our understanding of Scripture in a manner that touches our lives.

IntegralEcologyAndTheFulnessOfLifeIntegral Ecology and the Fullness of Life: Theological and Philosophical Perspectives

Anthony J. Kelly

2018    166 pages    R495.00

Ecological concerns can occasion serious levels of depression and disillusionment, unless such ecology is truly “integral” in allowing for the spiritual resources that can come from religious faith. ...


ReligionAndFaithInAfricaReligion and Faith in Africa: Confession of an Animist

Agbonkhianmeghe E. & Orobator, SJ
Based on the Duffy Lectures delivered at Boston College, Orobator examines the living interplay between African Religion, Christianity, and Islam in Africa. He argues that the religious experience and spiritual imagination of Africa offer wisdom capable of renewing the global community of believers. Among these gifts: a deep consciousness of ...

A TheologyOfThePresenceAndAbsenceOfGodA Theology of the Presence and Absence of God

Anthony J. Godzieba

2018    340 pages    R885.00

In a consumer-driven and technologized world can we still experience the mystery of God? This book answers yes by exploring the resources of the Christian tradition of thinking and speaking about God. Focusing on God's dialectical character-divine availability ("presence") and divine excess ...

PovertyPoverty: Responding Like Jesus

Editors: Kenneth R. Himes, OFM and Conor M. Kelly

2018   125 pages    R295.00

“This book provides a wonderful, provocative theological framework for those of us who minister among our most vulnerable sisters and brothers. For anyone who regularly looks into the eyes of suffering, this book offers context, hope, and inspiration.” ...

Featured Titles

ItsOkToStartWithYouIt’s OK to Start with You

Julia Marie Hogan

2018    156 pages    R289.50

Therapist Hogan makes the case for making self-care a priority — beginning with reclaiming your own worth. She offers insights into the reasons why we neglect to take care of ourselves and provides needed tools to change our habits of thinking and acting so we can show up fully in our lives and relationships. With step-by-step ...


RevolutionarySaintRevolutionary Saint: The Theological Legacy of Óscar Romero

Michael E. Lee

2018    240 pages    R475.00

Drawing on Romero’s biography as well as his homilies and other writings, Lee considers specifically how Romero’s witness challenges Christians in the U.S. to reimagine a robust Christian spirituality that is at once a mystical encounter with God and a prophetic...

PathToInnerPeacePaths to Inner Peace: Living with Less Stress

Peter M. Kalellis

2018    160 pages    R355.00

Written from real life experiences, this book offers the reader ways to live a simple and fulfilling life. The author combines spiritual and psychological support in an accessible and practical way.

OnlyTheGospelIsRevolutionaryOnly the Gospel Is Revolutionary: The Church in the Reform of Pope Francis: Cardinal Óscar RodrÍguez Maradiaga (a conversation with Fr. Antonio Carriero, SDB)

Cardinal Maradiaga

2018    93 pages    R295.00

Provides an insider view of the pope's efforts, which has generated high hopes from Catholic leadership around the world, as well as opposition from within the Vatican itself. ...

GritAndGloryGrit and Glory

Kaiser Johnson

2018     192 pages    R295.00

Kaiser Johnson teaches you how to integrate body and soul with traditional training principles. Whether you are a person of faith looking to increase your level of fitness or a fitness enthusiast looking to deepen your spiritual life, it’s time to say goodbye to excuses to reaching your goals. For men and women at all levels ...


God isnt finishedGod Isn’t Finished with Me yet: Discovering the Spiritual Graces of Later Life

Barbara Lee

2018    127 pages    R169.50

Shows readers how God meets us with unexpected grace. In five chapters, Lee shows how Ignatian prayer and discernment offer those in later life a path to discovering previously unknown vocations and new ways of living and being of service.

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