Music of Unity and Peace TAIZE

Title:      Music of Unity and Peace TAIZE
MusicID:      479
Artist:      TAIZE
ASIN:      *************
Release date:      2018
Number of Discs:      1
Track Listings:      19
Language:      English
Price:      310,00 R
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

The recording is a collection of the most beautiful chants and songs of the Taize community, performed by the Brothers themselves and for the first time - a hand-picked choir of young visitors on their annual pilgrimage.

At the very heart of this beautiful music is simplicity, repetition and congregation. It is music to enjoy and share, but also to sing to, and meditate to. It transcends religion, and has hypnotic, relaxing and reflective qualities that can speak to a wide and non-religious audience.


The Bells Of Taizé

 Veni, Sancte Spiritus

Introduction: Seigneur, ouvre mes lèvres

Bless The Lord

Laudate Dominum

Le Verbe s'est fait chair

Beati voi poveri

Jubilate, coeli (Christus)

Psaume 63

Bleibet hier

In manus tuas, Pater

Surrexit Christus

Gospodi pomiluj C

Aber du weißt den Weg für mich

Cantique de Siméon

Jésus le Christ

De noche iremos

Ubi caritas et amor

 Let All Who Are Thirsty Come


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