Title:      WE ARE NOT ALONE
MusicID:      412
Artist:      David Haas
ASIN:      *************
Number of Discs:      127
Track Listings:      15
Language:      English
Price:      232,50 R
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover

A collection of hymns, psalms, and songs that is ideal for private prayer as well as a variety of group settings such as retreats, Bible study groups, and adult or youth formation events. It is especially appropriate for formation experiences for choirs, cantors, ensembles, and other ministers of music.

These reflections provide an invitation to deepen the celebration of our connection to God and to one another through the celebrations of the Eucharist and observations of the Hours. It is intended for the public prayer of, and worship by, a singing and participating community.

1. Let Us Remember/Coming Together        
2. We Are Not Alone         
3. By His Wounds We Were Healed             
4. I Will Wake Up the Dawn            
5. Come, Follow Me          
6. Hail Holy Mary, Queen of Peace
7. God's Mountain             
8. Let's Sing for Justice     
9. When I Call    
10. Sing a New World into Being   
11. I Pray to You
12. Join the Gospel Song
13. I Have Come to Believe             
14. All Creation Sings Praise          

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