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ReachingForWonder1Reaching for Wonder: Encountering Christ when Life Hurts

Marlo Schalesky

2018    231 pages    R269.50

Explores fifteen of the New Testament’s one-time encounters with Christ to illuminate the surprising character of a God who transforms our pain into wonder.

TheyWillInheritTheEarthThey Will Inherit the Earth: Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change

John Dear

2018    176 pages    R275.00

In the Beatitudes, Jesus says of the meek, “they will inherit the earth.” Meekness, John Dear argues, is the biblical word for nonviolence. He makes the connection Jesus makes at the start of his Sermon on the Mount between our practice of nonviolence ...

MeetGodInHisWordMeet God in His Word

Michael Chalmers

2018    196 pages    R145.00

Offers insights that will deepen our understanding of Scripture in a manner that touches our lives.






WhatKeepsUsCatholicWhat Keeps Us Catholic?: 40 Reasons to Feel Good about Our Faith

Mike Daley

2018    128 pages    R245.00

The world seems to be full of former Catholics. And we’ve all heard the reasons why people choose to leave. Maybe we’ve thought about leaving the Church ourselves. So what keeps us Catholic? And what nudges some former Catholics to think of returning home?  ......


FieldHospitalCatechesisField Hospital Catechesis: The Core Content for RCIA Formation

Nick Wagner

2018    122 pages    R269.50

If, as Pope Francis says, the church is a field hospital, then what does it mean to care for the wounded. This book explores the nine core teachings of the church that make up this first proclamation. Readers will become catechists and evangelists equipped to bring healing to those ...

TheChurchRocksThe Church Rocks!: A History of the Catholic Church for Kids and Their Parents and Teachers

Mary Lea Hill, FSP

2018     256 pages    R239.50

The story of the Church is an epic drama, filled with adventure, danger, politics, sacrifice, and courage. The author tells this story in a book sure to thrill children ages 10 and up, taking readers on a tour of Church history that will enlighten and entertain everyone.

OnChristianTeachingOn Christian Teaching: Practicing Faith in the Classroom

David I. Smith

2018    182 pages    R435.00

Smith argues that faith has a critical role in shaping pedagogy and the learning experience. Smith’s scholarly exploration of education combines both theory and practice. He shows how teachers of every subject and age group can be attentive to how ...

MadeForThisMade for This: The Catholic Mom’s Guide to Birth

Mary Haseltine

2018    320 pages    R315.00

The author draws on Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to show that birth is an essential part of who God created women to be, body and soul. With real-life stories from many moms and practical tips — including preparing for birth, making ...


TheCatholicChurchSavedMyMarriageThe Catholic Church Saved My Marriage: Discovering Hidden Grace in the Sacrament of Matrimony

Dr. David Anders

2018    224 pages    R359.50

David reports that by the early 2000s, his marriage was so painful that he and his wife had just one thing in common: contempt for each other. Today, he and his wife are ...

Featured Titles

CatholicFaithFoundationsCatholic Faith foundations: Back to Basic

David Werning

2018    128 pages    R295.00

The author guides readers through the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith, inviting readers to enrich their understanding of the Church’s doctrinal and spiritual riches.

OnlyWonderOnly Wonder Comprehends:
John Garvey in Commonweal

Editor: edited by Patrick Jordan

2018    144 pages    R265.00

For over forty years, John Garvey was the "ballast" of Commonweal magazine. This book gleans from his many contributions to Commonweal that reflects his spiritual depth and deep appreciation of history, politics, theology, and culture.


PastoralLettersOnMaryPastoral letters on Mary and Matters Ancestral

Buti Tlhagale OMI

2018    255 pages    R299.50

Archbishop Buti Thlagale OMI of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg has produced a compilation of his homilies and pastoral letters on Mary, as well as issues of African tradition and beliefs in the context of Catholicism.

HisLifeInLettersA Life in Letters: Selected Correspondence of Denis Hurley

Editors: Phillipe Denis, Paddy Kearney and Jane Argall

2018     542 pages   R250.00

Denis Hurley, OMI, is widely regarded as the most influential South African Catholic in modern times. Throughout his life he was a prolific letter-writer. From thousands of his letters to his family, friends, and a wide range of people ...


MakeTodayMatterMake Today Matter: 10 Habits for a Better Life (and World)

Chris Lowney

2018    120 pages    R249.50  HC

Lowney wants to share with you his ten simple, daily habits that will help you build a better life one day—one moment—at a time. He outlines how to implement these ten simple habits and practices in the fast-changing and ever-challenging reality of our daily lives. And he illustrates how ...

InGodsHandsIn God's Hands: The Spiritual Diaries of Pope John Paul II

Pope Saint John Paul II

2017     512 pages     R550.00

Available for the first time in English, the private reflections of the pope recently elevated to sainthood—deeply personal writings that reveal a spiritual leader who agonized over his service to God, continually questioning whether he was doing enough.



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BibleDiaryReadBible Diary 2019

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BibleDiary2019Bible Diary 2019

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