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SeasonsOfGraceSeasons of Grace: A Spiritual Companion to the Liturgical Year

Walter Kasper

2018    210 pages    R425.00

Guides readers with spiritual reflections through the liturgical year. Kasper shares rich insights on Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and ordinary time meant to enrich each day.

GiveLoveAndReceiveTheKingdomGive Love and Receive the Kingdom: Essential People and Themes of English Spirituality

Benedicta Ward SLG

2018    208 pages    R485.00  HC

From the spirituality of Cuthbert, to Bede and the Psalter, Anselm the monastic scholar, and the depths of Julian of Norwich, from twelfth century hermits, through medieval pilgrimage, and by illuminating ...

BeyondSundayBeyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic

Teresa Tomeo

2018    128 pages    R269.50

Radio host Teresa Tomeo gets real about what it takes to live as a Catholic every day of the week. With personal stories and research, this book offers practical tips for seekers in any stage of faith.


IsGodInMyTopTenIs God in My Top Ten? Meditations for a Deeper Life in Christ

Jerome Kodell, OSB

2018    136 pages    R259.50

Fr. Kodell shares the fruit of a life of prayer as he helps you sort through your priorities. His reflections touch on a variety of topics—the keys to prayer, how to pray in suffering, the gift of the word of God,  ...

ChristianMarriedLoveChristian Married Love

Raymond Dennehy

2018    132 pages    R230.00

Presents five essays by well-known theologians and writers who give witness to the truths about love, sex, and marriage illuminated by Humanae Vitae, the prophetic encyclical by Pope Paul VI. The pieces by Hans Urs von Balthasar, Louis Bouyer, and  ...

BeyondOriginalSinBeyond Original Sin: Recovering Humanity's Creative Urge

Diarmuid O'Murchu

2018    216 pages    R355.00

The wisdom of palaeontology—the study of human origins—is creating a revolution that is likely to shake many inherited Christian beliefs, including the doctrine of Original Sin. The long-held belief in a ... 


TwoWingsTwo Wings: Integrating Faith and Reason

Douglas Kries, Brian Clayton

2018    283 pages    R295.00

The authors explain how believing and reasoning are two human activities that may be integrated to form a complete view of human existence. They take their title from the opening of John Paul II's encyclical Fides et Ratio, which ...

LiturgyAndSecularismLiturgy and Secularism: Beyond the Divide

Joris Geldhof

2018    184 pages    R579.50

Can Christian worship engage our secular culture? Should it? While engaging thinkers in philosophy, history, religious anthropology, and liturgical theology, liturgical theologian the author argues that such engagement is necessary-that our liturgy and faith should embrace our modern ...

A NewWayToBeChurchA New Way to Be Church: Parish Renewal from the Outside In

Jack Jezreel

2018    177 pages    R299.50

Is leavened by Jezreel's reflections on scripture and his own personal experience of family, parish ministry, service, and work for social justice. He ends the book with a practical guide for implementing these principles in your own parish.

Featured Titles

OverwhelmingPursuitOverwhelming Pursuit: Stop Chasing Your Life and Live 

Mark Joseph

2018    144 pages    R279.50

“Success lets me and everybody else knows that I’m important — that I’m worth loving. Success is how I prove my worth in this world.” That’s what Mark Joseph thought. He was driven to achieve, and he did. Through his success, he felt  ...

LovelyLovely: How I Learned to Embrace the Body God Gave Me 

Amanda Martinez Beck  

2018    112 pages    R265.00

All bodies are good bodies. Except fat bodies. At least that’s what our society tells us. According to this standard of flawlessness, a good body can have no illness, no disability, and no inadequacy.  ...

SideBySideSide by Side: A Catholic Mother-Daughter Journal

Lori and Ava Ubowski

2018  192 pages   R265.00

Is a unique journal that allows the two of you to communicate in a new and exciting way. Beautifully designed and rich in spiritual content, each page contains thought-provoking prompts that help you share your thoughts...

GivePeaceToMySoulGive Peace to My Soul

Lafrance Jean 

2019    144 pages    R197.50

Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity was a devoted Carmelite sister who had a special relationship with the Holy Trinity. Her patience and enthusiasm for prayer helped her to lead a life that was holy, although brief. While outlining her strong spiritual characteristics, this book also teaches readers the secret of Saint Elizabeth's ...

ManVirtuesMan Virtues: What the Hell Am I Doing with My Life? 

Robert P. Lockwood

2018     144 pages    R295.00

What does it take to find true happiness? Virtues. Not goodie-goodie niceness, but real, manly virtues. As in: The four cardinal virtues: the way you look at and act in the world. The three theological virtues: your personal connection to the living God.  These virtues are how we are meant to live. ...

HisAngelsAtYourSideHis Angels at Your Side

Fr. John Horgan

2018    288 pages    R355.00     

The author unveils the role of the angels in our lives - and what you must do to gain their help. You will learn how to imitate the angels in prayer and how they offer you the enlightenment and encouragement God wants to give you. By praying with the angels, you will be strengthened for what lies ahead and be better ...

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