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WalkingInLoveOfJesusWalking in Love of Scripture: Reflections, Ponderings and Prayers

Deborah McCann

2019    32 pages    R57.50

Pope Francis has given the whole church a powerful gift. By declaring that the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time will henceforth be known as the Sunday of the Word of God, ...

BeYourselfBe Yourself!: The Call of a Christian

Mauritius Wilde, OSB

2019      R325.00

Mauritius Wilde calls on Christians to not merely practice their faith in private, but to publicly stand by personal faith and to defend it. An exciting journey lies before us when we do this—a journey that can ...

FindingYourTreasureFinding Your Treasure: A Monastic Journey through Lent

The Benedictine Monks of Münsterschwarzach Abbey

2020    80 pages    R245.00

The way to yourself, to your own center is seldom straightforward and often full of surprises. Finding Your Treasure helps us discover something new and perhaps...


TheGodWhoActsInHistoryThe God Who Acts in History: The Significance of Sinai

Craig S. Bartholomew

2020    265 pages    R595.00

Craig Bartholomew explores how the early church understood divine action, looks at the philosophers who derided the idea, and finally shows that the reasons for doubting the ...


JesusKingOfStrangersjpgJesus, King of Strangers: What the Bible Really Says about Immigration

Mark W. Hamilton

2019    184 pages    R395.00

Nationalistic tribalism is on the rise around the world. How we treat strangers (foreigners, immigrants, migrants) is a promi­nent political, economic, and religious issue. ...


PaulASndTheLanguageOfFaithPaul and the Language of Faith

Nijay K. Gupta

2020    240 pages    R695.00

A dynamic reading of Paul’s faith language, outlining its subtle nuances as belief, trust, and faithfulness. Faith language permeates the letters of Paul. Yet, its exact meaning is not always clear. Many today, ...


CommonGoodCommon Good, Uncommon Questions: Topics in Moral Theology

Editors: TImothy Backous, OSB and WIlliam C. Graham

2015    287 pages    R585.00

Places the Catholic Church's guidance into contemporary context by considering stories, poems, and articles to challenge...

A DiscerningChurchA Discerning Church: Pope Francis, Lonergan, and a Theological Method for the Future

Gerard Whelan, SJ

2020    232 pages    R529.50

Presents a theological model for these changing times. It examines the thought of Bernard Lonergan, as outlined in his Method in ...


PopeFrancisAndTheLiturgyPope Francis and the Liturgy: The Call to Holiness and Mission

Kevin W. Irwin

2019    192 pages    R545.00

Pope Francis and the Liturgy summarizes, analyses, and assesses the ways Pope Francis understands the liturgy both in relation to the initiatives and teachings of ...


Best Sellers

PopeFrancisAndHisCristicsPope Francis and His Critics: Historical and Theological Perspectives

James J. Bacik

2019    136 pages    R275.00

Pope Francis and His Critics offers a broad assessment of Francis and his pontificate, keeping in mind important criticisms mounted by his detractors. An opening ...

ProbesProbes: Deep Sea Diving into Saint John's Gospel

Peter Kreet

2019     305 pages     R335.00

A set of probing questions (1,450 in fact) designed to help individuals or groups to dive deeply into Saint John's Gospel. No answers are provided, but the questions are phrased in such a way as to set ...

MadeForMissionMade for Mission: Renewing Your Parish Culture 

Tim Glemkowski

2019    184 pages    R349.50

Tim Glemkowski offers four keys that can radically change parish culture:

Cast the vision; Prioritize a clear path to discipleship; Mobilize leaders; Align everything. Implementing these four keys  ...




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