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Evening Bells

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Birthday Prayer


Praying Psalm 134

The Psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours

Some Christians have started praying some parts of the Liturgy of the Hours, like the Morning and Evening Prayers in the small Christian Communities, as a preparation for a meeting, in the families and even individually.

Some large communities are praying the Liturgies of the Hours as a preparation for the Holy Mass. However, much more can be done.

By introducing some parts of the Liturgy of the Hours where it is not known, by explaining its value to the people, by helping them understand its content, especially the value of the Psalms, by teaching them to pray it properly, by making it more attractive with some singing, etc., the laity will come to appreciate it more and more.  From: Enjoying the Psalms by P. Baudena & J. B. Gichuhi – Pauline Publications Africa

Praise our God, all you his servant, you who revere him, small and great

Psalm 134
O come, bless the LORD,
all you servants of the LORD
You who stand in the house of the LORD
throughout the nights.
Lift up your hands toward the sanctuary,
and bless the LORD.
May the LORD bless you from Zion,
the Maker of heaven and earth.


Evening Prayer in the Temple
This short liturgical and beautiful psalm of praise is the last of the fifteen Songs of Ascents. It is a call to praise and bless the Lord who is the maker of heaven and earth. The psalm in fact centres on the Lord calling his name five times worshiping and praising Him as Creator of heaven and earth.

It is evening and as the pilgrims leave the temple, they invite the priests and the temple singers to continue their praise of the Lord in the night service. The priests then impart the final blessing to the departing pilgrims.

Jesus used to spend nights in prayer (Lk 6: 12) and he taught his disciples to pray always (Lk 18: 1). Paul also urged the Thessalonians tom “pray without ceasing” (1 Thes 5: 17).

  Pour out over your Church, the spirit of fraternal love and a longing for your peace. May this precious oil of the Holy Spirit flow over us to fill us with your gracious benediction.  (From: The Prayer of the Church)