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Praying Psalm 129


We enjoy the Psalms in the Liturgy above all

The Psalms are a very precious gift of God. We should spend time to study them, to reflect and pray them at any time. As we have mentioned, when we are in a particular state of joy, sorrow, in need of thanking God or asking for forgiveness, etc., we can find the appropriate psalm to help us. But, above all, we enjoy the Psalms in the Liturgy. In fact, the Liturgy is the prayer of Jesus himself.

The prayer he used when he lived on earth, and he is now continuing in the Church and through the Church. So  in the Liturgy we pray the Psalms united with Jesus in a very special way, just as the Apostles were praying or singing them with him. This applies to the Responsorial Psalm during the Mass, to the Psalms we pray during the celebration of the Sacraments, and the Psalms we recite or sing during the Divine Office. From: Enjoying the Psalms by P. Baudena & J. B. Gichuhi – Pauline Publications Africa

Psalm 129
Viciously have they attacked me from my youth,
let Israel say now.
Viciously have they attacked me from my youth,
yet they have not prevailed against me.
Upon my back the ploughers ploughed,
as they traced their long furrows.
But the just LORD cut me free
from the ropes of the wicked.
May they recoil in disgrace,
all who hate Zion.
May they be like grass on the rooftops*
withered in early growth,
Never to fill the reaper’s hands,
nor the arms of the binders of sheaves,
And with none passing by to call out:
“The blessing of the Lord be upon you!

We bless you in the name of the Lord!”

God’s Protection of the Faithful

In this community song of trust, the psalmist looks back at the many periods of foreign oppression that the chosen people have gone through. The fact that God has always rescued them is a reason for thanksgiving and confidence that he will continue to do so. They pray that God may punish their enemies, which Christian may not do.

When we pray this psalm we can think of the many persecutions that the Church has gone through and give thanks that Christ, in accordance with his promise (Mt 16: 18) has never allowed the enemies to prevail.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, living in glory as the Son of Man, remember that when our sins had ploughed long furrows on your back, your death broke the bonds of sin and Satan for ever. Bless your Church, wounded in its members and strengthen it by your invincible power and grace. (From The Prayer of the Church)