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Children's Corners

These colourful books are a delightful companion for young children discovering their loving friends in heaven and the story of their faith. The beautiful illustrations and the simplicity of the language lead children to a closer relationship with God.

THE SUITCASE   A Story About Giving

Author: Jane G. Meyer, Illustrated by Chiara Pasqualotto

Zeal and excitement are a part of every child. This book celebrates a young child's enthusiasm to put into practice the words of Christ: to feed and clothe the poor; help the needy; and love one's neighbor.

As Thomas shows his family the items that he has packed into his suitcase after hearing a stirring homily at church, they marvel at his inventiveness and loving heart. Thomas is traveling to the Kingdom of Heaven, and he knows what it takes to get there! Along with his suitcase, Thomas and his family figure out a way to accomplish the almost impossible goal that Thomas is so excited about.

The Suitcase captures bits and pieces of Christ's parables in a story format, familiarizing the reader with Christ's Heavenly Kingdom in a natural, subtle way.

2017    R285.00


Author: Charlotte Grossetête      Illustrations: Sib

Five wonderfully illustrated bedtime stories, ideal for helping children get to know the life of Jesus and for parents to pass on the faith before a good night’s rest under the watchful and loving gaze of our Lord and saviour!

Includes: The Nativity; The finding of Jesus in the temple; The call of the Disciples; Jesus’s healing miracles; The supper at Emmaus

Read with children aged 5 and up

2014    48 pages    R245.00


Author: Charlotte Grossetête      Illustrations: Sib

Help your child get to know the life of our Blessed Mother. From Mary’s life at home to the death and resurrection of her son Jesus, these stories will help strengthen children’s faith before a good night’s rest under the watchful and loving gaze of the Mother of God!

Includes: The childhood of Mary; The Annunciation; The Birth of Jesus; The Marriage at Cana; Mary at the foot of the Cross

Read with children aged 5 and up

2014    48 pages    R255.00