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The Christian Basis of Secular Values

Author: Theo Hobson

An account of the Christian values that underpin our public morality, showing how faith remains indispensable to western humanism, and how atheistic humanism represents a dead end. Here is an argument about religion and politics.

It suggests that although the public creed of the West is best described as ‘secular humanism’ we can only really understand and affirm secular humanism if we see how firmly it is based on Christian norms and values.

Theo Hobson offers a timely warning against the dangers of a religious-secular culture war, given the radically politicized and destructive forms of religion endemic in the world today.

2017    200 pages    R335.00  HC


Why science and faith need each other

Author: Eric Priest

Written for general readers of all religious backgrounds, Reason and Wonder introduces some of the most fruitful discussions now taking place between leading thinkers in science and theology.

This book includes accounts of key points of convergence in areas such as astrophysics, biology, mathematics, neuroscience and psychology, and ends with a stimulating set of questions for group discussion or personal reflection.

2016    212 pages    R249.50


A Personal Journey

Author; Peter C. Phan

"In this exceptionally fine work, Peter Phan answers his critics clearly, concisely and persuasively. He also provides one of the best descriptions of the amazing strength of Asian Christian theology—especially in its attention to the triple dialogue—with the poor, with other cultures, and with other religions."--David Tracy

2017    248 pages    R485.00


History, Archaeology, Legends

Author: Michael Hesemann

This is the first archaeological and historical biography of the most fascinating and revered woman in history, the Mother of Christ. Who was this extraordinary woman chosen by God to give birth to the Saviour?

The author searched for her traces in Italy, Israel, Turkey and Egypt. Based on biblical traditions, legends and archaeological discoveries, he reconstructs the life of Mary, the Mother of the Messiah.

2016    293 pages    R279.50