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The Gifford Lectures

Author: Perry Schmidt-Leukel

Perry Schmidt- Leukel, in this extended version of his 2015 Gifford Lectures, argues that this position—often called "religious pluralism"—must be developed within particular insights supplied by each of the major traditions.

Although severe barriers to religious pluralism exist within each tradition, he shows nevertheless that possibilities for a pluralist understanding exist in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese religions. Interreligious theology, he argues, carries the promise of being the theology of the future.

2017    304 pages    R535.00


African Catholics Look to Vatican III

Author: A. E. Orobator

Africa continues to experience great religious ferment, not only in the enormous growth of Christianity over the past century but also in the intellectual output of African theologians all over the continent.

This volume brings together Africa’s theological elders with new and emerging voices to bring analysis and reflection on what John L. Allen Jr. has called “the most dynamic corner of the Christian map.”

The volume is a treasure for anyone with an interest in theological reflection from an African perspective, and a necessary resource for theologians and scholars working in a church that is steadily moving its centre to the Global South.

2017      272 pages    R545.00


Engaging the Nations

Authors: Robert L. Gallagher & Paul Hertig

A resource for the classroom that specifically addresses the missiological issues of the twenty-first century, this collection in honour of Charles E. Van Engen features contributions from practically all the leading lights of the missiology world. Scholars including Stephen Bevans, Roger Schroeder, van Thanh Nguyen, Mary Motte, Gerald Anderson, Scott Sunquist, and many others offer their insights and reflections, focusing on the impact of cultural and demographic changes on the nature and purpose of Christian mission.

2017    344 pages   R645.00


Conversations with Jacques Dupuis

Author: Gerard O'Connell

Before his death more than twelve years ago, Jacques Dupuis, a prominent Catholic theologian who faced a long persecution by his own church for his teachings on religious pluralism, sat down for a book-length interview with Gerard O’Connell, a Catholic journalist, for America, the Jesuit magazine.

Dupuis insisted that the frank and honest transcript not be published until after he died and certain other curial figures were out of office.This hidden treasure is finally unburied and presents not only Dupuis’ life story (including his tragic final years) but also his views on religious pluralism, interreligious dialogue, and ecclesiology.

2017    320 pages    R459.50