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Letting Jesus Lead You through the Stages of Spiritual Growth

Author: Allan F. Wright

The author leads you through five stages of spiritual development—from spiritual seeker to faithful disciple of Christ—so that you can become better able embrace and share the life-giving power Jesus offers.

2016    192 pages    R235.00

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A Gospel Guide to the New Evangelization

A transformative guide to becoming a better disciple through studying the words of Jesus. Using specific examples from Scripture, the book focuses on the life of Jesus and on the ways he evangelized among his disciples and followers.

It defines for Catholics what evangelization is while addressing how individuals can evangelize in their everyday lives, and how parishes can evangelize through the examples Jesus gave us.

2013    164 pages    R199.50



Add this small book to the mix of tablets and smartphones that are daily accessories in every teen's life.

The author, a father of 4 and a veteran high school teacher, talks the talk that will get their day off the fast track and onto the right track. In a matter of minutes they will read Scripture, a brief reflection and a prayer that relates to their lives--friends, family, bullying, church, life choices.

There is no proselytizing in these pages, no accusations or condemnations, only the repeated and clear message that Jesus loves them and wants to help them.

This book comes with a lifetime guarantee: if they read it, He will come. Confirmation, Graduation, Birthday, any day--hands down, Daily Companion for Young Catholics is the right fit.

2014    193 pages    R125.00