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Author: Richard Rohr

In this retreat experience, Richard Rohr explores the role of men in society and religion. He focuses on the yearning to rediscover passion in masculine identity and in the purpose of life.

He challenges listeners to encounter their archetype: king, warrior, and lover, recognise its dark side and empower their journey through drumming, dialogue and discovery.               

7 CDs     9 hours      R495.00


The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi

Author: Richard Rohr

Read by: John Quigley, OFM

Rohr places the tradition as first practiced by Francis, and subsequently by others, within a context for the uninitiated audience. This is a perspective about how the alternative orthodoxy can deepen spiritual life for anyone.

This book is grounded in the Gospels, the prophets, a broad blend of psychology and theology, and in literature and art, to continue to communicate through all the sources that articulate specific alternative ways of understanding God with us.

8 CDs       9.5 hours     R585.00


Author: Ron Rolheiser



Ron Rolheiser addresses the prevalent agnosticism that blocks our awareness of the holy. In our culture, he says, we have "murdered" God. We have icons in our churches but not in our hearts." His goal is to reawaken our sense of God all around us.

Using clear language to describe the spiritual quest, he offers a prescription to keep our lamps lit and spark our sense of wonder. "Faith is deeper," he says, "than imagination and feeling."

6 CDs      7 hours     R545.00