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BETWEEN THE DARK AND THE DAYLIGHT: Embracing the Contradictions of Life

Author: Joan Chittister       

Explores the concerns of modern life, of the overworked mind and hurting heart. These are the paradoxical—and often frustrating—moments when our lives feel at odds with everything around us. Only by embracing the contradictions, Chittister contends, may we live well amid stress, withstand emotional storms, and satisfy our yearnings for something transcendent and real.

By delving into the chaos, this book guides us through the questions that seemed easier to avoid and enlightens what has been out of focus. With simple and poignant meditations, Between the Dark and the Daylight reveals how we can better understand ourselves, one another, and God.              

4 CDs    4 hours   R395.00              


Author: Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle; read by the author

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle takes an honest look at the vocation of motherhood, with all its joys and challenges. Using personal recollections, stories, Scripture, papal writings and quotes from the saints, the mother of five encourages women to fully embrace their calling as mothers.

Reflections and prayers with every chapter help make sense of tough issues such as family planning, raising children in the media age, overcoming perfectionism and single parenting.

3 CDs     4 hours    R245.00

ADAM'S RETURN: The Five Promises of Male Initiation

Author: Richard Rohr:   Read by the Author

Boys become men in much the same way across cultures, by integrating, through experience, each of these five messages:
1. Life is hard.
2. You are not that important.
3. Your life is not about you.
4. You are not in control.
5. You are going to die.

Our culture has done everything in its power, it seems, to move away from this ancient wisdom. Men are lured away to dominate through money, sex, power, consumerism—and never really become men. In this audiobook, spiritual master Richard Rohr reintroduces us to male wisdom in a way that will engage anyone who is a man, who is mentoring a young man, or who wants to understand men better, in a language being used in retreats around the globe.

7 CDs    8 hours    R595.00